• Welcome to Poolfoot Farm
    Poolfoot Farm is a state-of-the-art sport and leisure village which is the home of
    Fleetwood Town Football Club’s new £7m training ground.
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Football Facilities

Are you and your mates/work colleagues ready to enjoy the challenge of a competitive league? Poolfoot Farm is here and ready to invite you to compete against other teams & make your weekly kick about much more satisfying.

It's easy to join

We look to place teams in a league that suit ability so teams will be challenged on a weekly basis plus offered discounted weekend training pitches for £15.00 (subject to availability). We also make it easy to keep track of your team’s position and fixtures with easy access to your league via Poolfoot Farm website.

Profession standards

We ensure all of our leagues are FA affiliated and our referees are fully qualified with FA affiliation. We also provide access to the Rate the Ref system so you can give feedback on their performance after your match.

Pitch Hire

Pitch Hire 5, 7 & 11 a side / League Games 5, 6 & 8 a side

Peak Pitch Hire


  • 4G 5 a side - 7 a side - 11 a side
  • Mon - Fri (5pm - 10pm)
  • From £30 Per Hour

Off-Peak Pitch Hire


  • 4G 5 a side - 7 a side - 11 a side
  • Mon - Fri (9am - 5pm)
  • From £20 Per Hour

League Game 5 A Side


  • 4G 5 a side – 6 a side – 8 a side
  • Mon - Fri (7pm - 9:30pm)
  • From £25 Per Game