Keeping you safe during COVID-19

All football pitch activities at Poolfoot Farm will be consistent with the government guidance regarding health, social distancing and hygiene. This means that participants and others can maintain a safe 2 metre distance, that good hygiene practices is in place, that equipment is disinfected before and after use, and that it is clear that anyone who is symptomatic or suspects they have been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home. 

In addition we will be employing one way queuing systems around the pitches and facilities to support the two-metre distancing guidelines and we will be sanitising all areas daily including reception, toilets, pitch gates and the pitches themselves (gates and balls will be sanitised between sessions).

For any further questions or guidance, please contact your Poolfoot Farm on 01253 208440 or email us at


You can book a pitch via our online booking platform and you can booking up to a maximum of one hour per booking.

You will be able to pay for your pitch booking directly though the online booking service or contactless payment upon arrival eliminating the need to handle cash.

The limit on gatherings – no more than 6, unless (for example) members of the same household – means that it is not to be possible to organise amateur events or competitions at this time. The government is clear that sports participation should be restricted to participants exercising by themselves, with members from their same household, or in a group of no more than 5 other people from other households, while observing social distancing guidelines.

You can only arrive 10 minutes before your pitch booking and please wait in your cars until allocated time. 5 minutes before you pitch booking finishes you will be asked to start packing up and make your way to the designated 

  • PPE available for staff and players including face masks and gloves
  • Hand sanitizer units installed on all entries to the pitches and throughout the facility
  • Perspex screens at all point of sale locations
  • 2 metre social distancing grids on pitch walkways and through reception areas
  • One way system to entry and exit the facility 
  • All goals will be set up accordingly dependent on bookings and must not be moved unless requested to a member of Poolfoot Farm Staff.
  • Changing room areas will be kept closed until such time that guidance allows

To maintain social distancing, all Poolfoot Farm changing rooms will be kept closed until further notice. We will keep changing rooms locked and use signage to clearly notify users. We will communicate clearly with all users before they visit the facility that changing rooms will be unavailable and request all users arrive and leave in their kit.

Poolfoot Farm will request that Parents or guardians stay and watch training session whenever possible and will treat injured child. Coaches have first aid training certification issued by the England Football Association where PPE available to protect coaches during provision of first aid. Non-opposed training sessions are only permitted which will reduce the likelihood of accident and injury to children. Standard operating procedure for treating injured child – Will permit 1 parent to leave the training session. If more that 1 parent cannot attend, both children cannot attend training. PPE (Sanitiser, face shield, protective clothing, surgical gloves) procured and within first aid bag.