LAST UPDATED 17th May 2021

Our commitment to your safety

Our commitment is to keeping everyone safe at Poolfoot Farm. Although the site is returning, please be assured that Poolfoot Farm is following the government advice to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

It is extremely important that clubs, players, coaches, match officials, league officials, volunteers, parents, carers, and Pizza Calcio visitors continue to strictly follow both the UK Government’s latest guidance on COVID-19 and The FA Guidance. Failure to adhere to the guidance will result in sanctions for non-compliance.

Pizza Calcio / The Beer Garden / Pitch Side / The Terrace 

As part of step three of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, indoor and outdoor hospitality is permitted. People using our Bar, The Terrace, Pitchside & The Beer Garden hospitality facilities must adhere to legal gathering limits and wider Government guidance. Every single person over 16 years old will now have to check in on the NHS COVID-19 App or provide staff with their contact details. 

Social Distancing

Competitive training can take place for all participants, in an outdoor setting. Care will be taken when busy periods at Poolfoot Farm with limited access points to ensure safe play. Poolfoot Farm has staggered start times and allowing cleaning time between change-overs. In all settings before and after the session, and in any breaks, all participants should practise social distancing, in line with Government guidelines. No spectators are allowed at grassroots football, including training sessions, as part of step one of the Government’s roadmap, unless for safeguarding purposes such as U18s, and this should be limited to one parent or carer per child.


As organised continues to resume, all participants may travel to games but should avoid travel at the busiest times and routes, as well as minimising any unnecessary journeys where possible. All participants must follow the Government’s guidance on safer travel. Participants should note that this guidance will be updated as we move through the different steps of the Government’s roadmap. All participants should therefore regularly review this guidance to make sure they are following up to date information.

Before, During and Exiting at Poolfoot Farm

In line with current Government guidance, all site visitors at Poolfoot Farm (players, coaches, club and match officials, volunteers, spectators etc.) should check for symptoms of Covid-19. If an individual is symptomatic and/or living in a household with a possible Covid-19 infection they should remain at home and follow Government guidance. In addition, any participants who have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because they are a contact of a known Covid-19 case, must not exercise outside their home or garden and must not exercise with others;


Clear signage is in place (e.g. for one-way systems) to manage entry, parking arrangements, traffic flow and general movement around Poolfoot Farm which ensure social distancing can be maintained


Changing Rooms

Changing rooms can be used as part of step three of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown. However, participants should minimise their use of changing facilities where possible. Toilets will be allowed to open throughout opening hours and can be accessed via that back entrance to the building.


On 17th May, the Government updated its guidance in relation to spectators. This confirms that at Step Three spectators are to attend sporting events taking place on private land. They should maintain social distance and can mix with other households of up to groups of 30.

Access and Egress


All players are asked to remain on the foot paths provided and follow the one way systems and enter the pitches through the gates provided.

NHS Test and Trace

Poolfoot Farm must comply with the NHS Test and Trace system. This includes collecting name and address information for all visitors/ users of your venue. Poolfoot Farm has a official NHS QR code and displayed the official NHS QR poster around the entrances to the pitches and beer gardens to help NHS Test and Trace to identify and notify people who may have been exposed to the virus.

Toilets/ Facilities

Toilets will be allowed to open and can be accessed from the rear door of the facility. All Government guidance on hygiene and social-distancing measures must be followed. There will be a limit of 2 members of the public in the toilets at any given time.

Administering First Aid:

First-aiders will be equipped with the appropriate PPE (including face coverings) to protect themselves and others if they need to compromise social-distancing guidelines to provide medical assistance. After contact with an injured participant, the person who has administered first aid should clean their hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser at the earliest opportunity. This advice is applicable to all situations, regardless of whether there was close contact or the minimum 2 metre social distancing was maintained. The first aider should also avoid touching their mouth, eyes and nose.

First-aider or their equivalent, should keep a record of each participant they have come into contact with for NHS test and trace purposes.

Communicating Clearly and Regularly with Poolfoot Farm Visitors:

Poolfoot Farm will provide clear communications with all user groups – before they attend the facility. This will allow visitors to familiarise themselves with the procedures before entering. This will include our expectation of users when they arrive. To avoid confusion, we have highlighted key dates, opening times and any other important changes to the way our facility will operate. While users are at Poolfoot Farm, we will use posters and signage throughout all areas to promote your new protocols such as social distancing (appropriate spacing); Hygiene (hand washing/sanitisers); Traffic flow (entrance/exits) and Restricted areas.

Keeping Internal and Outdoor Equipment Clean:

Poolfoot Farm has created a cleaning schedule that will reduce the risk of passing the infection onto other people. To achieve this, our cleaning procedures will be thorough and rigorous.

Our cleaning schedule includes:

·      Daily cleaning throughout the facility;

·      Identified high-contact touch points for more regular cleaning (e.g. door handles, grab rails, vending machines);

·      Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between use;

·      Cleaning of potential shared training equipment after each individual use;

·      Having waste facilities and more frequent rubbish collection;

·      Removing any non-essential items that may be difficult to clean;

Poolfoot Farm Visitor Code Of Behaviour

A resumption of contact play is only achievable if those involved create and maintain a controlled environment that minimises the threat of infection. Risk in sport cannot be completely eradicated but with caution and care these risks can be reduced.

Each player, parent and spectator will need to decide when to return to contact football, based on their own circumstances and the arrangements that have been put in place for a safe return.

All those continuing competitive grassroots football at Poolfoot Farm must adopt the following code of behaviour:

·       Be aware of your own personal health. If you show any of the Covid-19 symptoms you must stay at home, inform NHS Test and Trace and seek medical advice.

·       Be responsible. Read the guidance provided by The FA and Poolfoot Farm so that you are aware of the changes to the game and what is expected of you. This will include things like being prepared to wash your own kit, bringing your own labelled water bottle and being aware of changes to meet-up times.

·       Practise good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and before, during and after a game.

·       Maintain social distancing. This won’t always be possible in a competitive match environment (for example when tackling an opponent) and that is acceptable. However, before, and after a game you should maintain social distancing.

·       Face coverings. Unless you have an exemption, face coverings are mandatory for all staff in retail/hospitality outlets (e.g. a clubhouse). This also applies to users of the facility, except when seated at a table to eat or drink.

·       Support NHS Test and Trace. You will be asked to provide your details so that in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak those potentially infected can be traced. This is to everyone’s benefit so please co-operate.

·       Do not spit. Spitting and the rinsing out of mouths is now a recognised risk to health and must not be done. Avoid shouting or raising your voice if face to face with other players.

·       After the game. Be aware that other users may be waiting to use the facilities. Please leave the facility via the quickest possible route and please maintain social distancing at all times.

For any further questions or guidance, please contact Poolfoot Farm on 01253 208440 or email us at